Current Projects

The X 

The X is a Luxembourg based Electro-pop duo founded last year by Sarah Kertz (Keys, Vocals) and Yannick Stein (Guitar, Vocals).
Inspired by the 80's, the modulated guitars, dreamy vocals, deep beats, sombre melodies and abstract soundscapes will take you to a unique universe bittersweet, futuristic and nostalgic...

Right now they are writing on their first Ep which will come out soon.

Silk and Sonic

Silk and Sonic is a acoustic band playing pop, rock and classic renditions from the earlier years and to present.

LAX VOX® Master Trainer

LAX VOX® is a simple, fast, and effective voice exercise. LAX VOX®  is ideal for daily voice care and relaxing. It optimises your voice training  and promotes regeneration  when you are hoarse or struggling with voice fatigue and voice disorders.